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Dioscovite- The Yam Vitamin


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Dioscovite, also known as the Yam Vitamin, is the patented natural dietary supplement that stops sickle cell pain and sickle cell crisis.  Take back a good quality of life for yourself or loved one.  Order today!

If you buy in bulk, the amount of money off refers to the amount off for each bottle ordered.

This is our online store.  For more information about Dioscovite visit us at our main website.  There you can see the Studies and Science of Dioscovite, Testimonials, and Frequently Asked Questions.


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Borge Feb 23rd 2019


My dear son was born with sickle cell,when we first receive the news from his primary care physician,it was really devastating.I did some research and contacted dr Agbai on the phone in 2016 and ended up ordering 2 bottles of dioscovite but at that time my baby was only 2months and the batch was expiring soon.Never used the product and I was furious because I lost 150$.so I decided to try another product called evenflo,pain crisis was almost a daily reality,I cried for my baby and for my whole family because our way of life took a dramatic or catastrophic turn,hospitalization every month or 2 to CHOA.when my son turn 2years I was so tired that I decided to repurchase dioscovite and give it a serious try.after a full year of using dioscovite I am hear to testify and give God a praise and thank dr Agbai for making such a strong,effective pain crisis for a full year we visit CHOA only when my baby has fever that’s it. For those with sickle cell I really recommend this product. Thanks

Ike Sep 3rd 2018

Very effective

Thanks you Dr Agbai. I really appericate you so much. My wife was looking for medication that stop sickecell. And she cime over this product. This is the best of all. My son always on blood tranfusion. Since . And always have low blood count and yellow eyes. For over 1yr we using the meds. No hospital visit. No pain no blood low count. Thanks so much for the product

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