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Dioscovite- The Yam Vitamin


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Dioscovite, also known as the Yam Vitamin, is the patented natural dietary supplement that stops sickle cell pain and sickle cell crisis.  Take back a good quality of life for yourself or loved one.  Order today!

If you buy in bulk, the amount of money off refers to the amount off for each bottle ordered.

This is our online store.  For more information about Dioscovite visit us at our main website.  There you can see the Studies and Science of Dioscovite, Testimonials, and Frequently Asked Questions.


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Regina Jul 22nd 2020


Hi, Before my daughter used Dicovite, she was always in hospital for weeks and life was really hard for us. However ever since we got introduced to Dicovite from a friend, she only needs to go in to hospital for regular checkup and it’s been 2 years! Although the medicine can’t get rid of pains and other problems brought about by Sickle Cell, life has been much better for us. I would recommend this to anybody who is suffering from Sickle Cell

taiwo balogun Jan 6th 2020


My sister is a sicke cell and always in and out of the hospital. Ever since she started using this, she has less pains and she is very happy. Thank you so much.

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